Monday, March 28, 2016

It's Been Too Long

I forgot my email.
It is sim_romanov.
But it's been so long I forgot the underscore.
The underscore!
I'm also very tired so this post is gonna be really badly formatted, but it's kinda on purpose; in the same way that hispters have those Hercule Poirot moustaches.

Life has been somewhat demanding of late, I'm doing fine, just growing tired of people trying to be my mentor or role model. I currently have two people trying to each take me under their idiomatic wing. Their main goal seems to be criticising my decisions and belittling my achievements. Newsflash: "You could do better" is among the many things one should never say when trying to encourage someone.

A few of you may know I enjoy writing fictional stories and would love to be a writer (although you probably can't tell from my apparently poor understanding of the English language). I tell you this so you understand how upset I was when told "writing stories is a waste of time". Also I have apparently been giving too much priority to my social life. Being that only a few years ago I can recall crying alone in my bedroom because I felt I had no friends, being criticised for being too social cam as a complete surprise. I don't even think I'm doing that poorly in life at the moment so the crtisicm I've been getting has really hit me. I think I need these people out of my life but it can be quite difficult to remove people, especially when they seem to have made you their pet project.

In other news winter is fast approaching and it is my goal to try skiing this year. Last year we moved to a new town and now I'm very close to the mountain so I'm determined to take full advantage this winter season.

I've also decided to go Paleo again because my eating choices of late have been less than sensible. I actually enjoy the Paleo diet, it is really a matter of preparation for me. As long as I set aside the time to plan and make my meals it really goes quite well. Too often I fall victim to the convenience of the local fish and chip shop 😝

Now I'm at the end of my post and I realise that I started formatting it properly even though I said I wouldn't. Such inconsistency won't be tolerated!

Do Svidanya!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


She's been ruling for like ages now, longer than old Victoria even, and today she celebrates being the longest ruling monarch. Many people are thanking her for her years of service, but what was her service? What is her end game? 

Queen Elizabeth
Doing Whatever it takes to keep Charles off the throne!

And in case you think Charles wouldn't look so bad on your bank notes (here in NZ we still have the monarch on our coins and notes) let me remind you this lady will be queen consort...

But hey with Camilla as Queen consort there's a chance India will bring itself back into the empire and make her Empress...considering India holds her as a sacred creature.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

400k? Not Bad Eh?

Milestones, Musicians, and Musings

And my parents said I'd amount to nothing. I sure proved them wrong! Aha. I kid, I kid. But really I'm proud, I know it's mostly down to my custom content as opposed to the words I write, but still who would have thought I'd have a blog in the simmersphere that could weather my storms of inactivity. 

In other news Josh Groban is coming in April which is exciting. I hope to go, however none of my friends are into him, or rather none of them are ino him enough to fork out the hundreds of dollars it will cost to get tickets, accommodation, and flights to where he is playing. My friends' mothers however are keen so that might be a thing. 

I've taken up letter writing. Just between the odd friend from out of town. It's only in its infancy at the moment but I remain postive as to its future. One of these friends quoted to me in a letter the words of Lord Byron (that's right, I have classy friends who quote Lord Byron [removes pocket watch from waistcoat pocket to check the time]). Anyway here is the quote:

“Letter writing is the only device combining solitude with good company.”

A beautiful, though perhaps outdated notion. There's something so heartwarming about a hand written letter. Or perhaps that's just what years of period drama has conditioned me to think. (Downton Abbey Season 6. My body is ready). I'm in a sappy mood at the moment though. (Danny Boy on Spotify, no further explanation required).

My fiction stories come along at the snail's pace to which their author has limited them. Nothing much more to say on that front except that I still remain positive that I shall one day be favourite to win the Katherine Mansfield award only to be snubbed in favour of a more veteran author and continue to consider myself robbed until my dying breath.

I spent Friday volunteering down at a stall for the local cancer society. It was Daffodil Day, a day in New Zealand (spring flowers are out in NZ this time of year) for the raising of funds for the society. My sister was in charge of organising the stall, which raised some three thousand dollars. It was a nice way for me to get involved in my new community as I've only been in this town for three months. It's a lovely little town of about 4000 people, most of whom are farmers and live a million miles from the actual township. It's the sort of place where everyone knows everyone. Truly charming. Think Agatha Christie's Saint Mary Mead sans murder. 

I'm in love with the slower pace my life has taken of late; letter writing, board games at the weekend, baking a cake for a sick neighbour. Don't be fooled though. I've still got one foot out the 21st century. But that part of my life has been stressing me out no end. Age 20 and I'm already prepared to pack it all in in favour of a more Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall life in a dinky cottage fifty miles from the nearest traffic light. 

Anyway that's enough of my rambling. Good morning, Good day, Good evening and Good Night! Off to bed I go!

Friday, August 21, 2015

I've made a Sims 4 Machinima! Back in business!

It's a Sims 4 Ma, Ma, Machinima!

That's right guys I'm pretty chuffed that I've done it. I suppose its generic and not at all my best work but its my first Sims 4 Machinima which is a feat considering I didn't think that would happen ever. This is also my first machinima in about 3 years.

It's to the song Everything Has Changed by T-Swift and Ed Sheeran. The simple story follows the blossoming romance of a Florist and a Baker who runs the business next door. Check it out below.